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Where and how long are the holidays?

The charity is nationwide, so holidays are also in various locations. Generally holidays last one week. For up to date details, visit the 2010 holidays page.

Do you get to know the children before hand?

No - not unless you have met them on previous camps. We sometimes arrange reunions so that you can meet up with the kids again after the camps.

How many children go on camp at any one time?

This depends on the holidays that are being run that year - they range from about 10 to 50 children.

Companions must be over 18, with the majority between 20-35, but with also quite a lot being 35-65 (ish)!

Do volunteer companions pay for their own expenses whilst away, e.g. accommodation, travel etc?

No - whilst you are away, Camp Quality UK covers all your costs. However, if you wanted a nice block of Toblerone, a new rucksack, and some other souvenirs, then you would have to pay for them yourself! You will only have to pay travel to a designated meeting place.

What kind of experience would a companion need before applying, or what would you recommend?

None necessary - just a desire to give all you've got to help the kids to have the times of their lives!

Can I be a companion if I'm under 18?

Unfortunately not. For child protection reasons we need a distinction to be made between "children" and "adults"; we cannot, therefore, have under 18s in an "adult" role.

Can I help out in other ways if I'm under 18?

Yes, as a charity we rely on generous donations to ensure we can continue to provide life-changing holidays for children. We welcome and support any kind of fundraising initiatives that you may have.

When will I find out if I've been selected for a camp?

Companions are initially contacted by the director of each camp after Easter. If you don't hear from us it may just be that we don't have enough places and we've had a lot of companion applications that year. You may still be contacted for next year's holidays.

Parents and children

Can siblings come too?

Camp Quality UK's prime function is to provide life-changing holidays for children with potentially life limiting illnesses. Siblings are only invited in exceptional circumstances. Experience shows us that the siblings very often benefit from being at home alone with their parents, allowing them to be in the spotlight, following a period where they were perhaps not given the amount of attention that they felt they needed.

How many children go to each camp?

This depends on the holidays that are being run that year - they range from about 10 to 50 children.

Can my child go to camp if he/she is very sick?

It's up to the child's doctor. If they feel that the child is well enough to come to a camp, and they are willing to liaise with the Camp Quality doctor, then they are more than welcome. During periods of illness, a week away from hospitals, having fun, can be just what the child needs.

Who looks after my child on a camp?

Companions will look after 1 to 3 children (depending on individual circumstances); they will have direct responsibility for those children.

Additionally, each camp has a camp director and camp doctor - both responsible for the whole camp, 24 hours a day.